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SUBJECT   FIFA KOREA has re-opened today!
NAME   webmaster
FIFA KOREA resume English service today!
As waited for a long time, improved sharply level of service and introduced service for user interface.
The main changes are :

1. The biggest and fastest server
: We provide again the english service after the lapse of 2 years. You can browse our site faster than before.

2. Site design is changed totally.

3. Improved system
: We provide the service of high efficiency for our members. Download section and Network Play section, and some contents are consisted of mebership service. If you sign up now, can get all contents of our site.

4. K-League Super Patch 2005 for FIFA2005 has been released!
: It had been already released on March in Korea. But it's the version for Korean users only.(Over 60,000 Asian people have downloaded already.) Now you can meet full English supported K-League from us. Don't hesitate to download it now!

5. Real soccer news & info reinforcement
: Now you can get the real soccer data of vast scope from us. Present you can confirm the following soccer database.

- 1930 ~ 2002 World Cup all match results & statics (Detailed Fact Sheet)
- 1991 ~ 2003 Women's World Cup all match results & statics (Detailed Fact Sheet)
- 1956 ~ 2004 Asian Cup all match results & statics
- 1960 ~ 2004 European Championships all match results & statics
- 1960 ~ 2004 European Championships all match results & statics
- 1977 ~ 2005 World Youth Championships all match results & statics
- 1910 ~ 2006 Copa America Cup all match results & statics

We will add other soccer game recordings at Soccer DB section continually. Check out our great Soccer DB section now!

6. Soccer Links Database has been updated!
: At our Soccer Links Database section, you can find more than 430 soccer related websites in the world. For gathering more wide soccer info, use our Soccer Links Database section.

7. Game Preview Section
: Our Game Preview Section provides hundreds of screenshots for FIFA series including FIFA 99 ~ FIFA 2006. Also including basic game information.

8. Even more 10,000 downloads
: We are still providing over 10,000 downloads for FIFA game series from FIFA 99 to FIFA 2006.

9. And lost of new features are here...

We are deeply sorry for the last 2 years and continuous postponement of openning. But now it's normal process. Must sign in our free membership service...and feel the premium service in the biggest Asian cyber soccer network!


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