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SUBJECT   FIFA KOREA has got the FIFA Champions Awards 2004 !
NAME   webmaster

FIFA KOREA has been chosen by Best Asian Site at FIFA Champions Awards 2004 ! We are very grateful to FIFA Champions Staff and all FIFA Community people for this selection.

We will invest more efforts to provide better service for our visitors. Here is the the original text from FIFA Champions.


All the FIFA Champions Staff is proud to announce you the results of the FIFAChampions Awards 2004, after months of hard-work and with the hope that this will be a recognisment for all the FIFA Websites (not only for the winners), it´s really spectacular the effort of more than 100 websites than exist about FIFA around the world.

Soccergaming, with www.fifa04.com has been the best of these awards, they have won in the Categories of Best Website, Best Portal, Best Contents and Best Organisation. This Awards will be remembered because the results have been very tight, altough for example SoccerAccess won on the Best Patchs with the 81% of the votes.

SoccerAccess has won 3 Awards, but the surprise of these Awards have been Eurofifamania with 2 of the Awards more important, Best Design and Best Tournaments. FIFA 4 Fans & GFO 2004 won on the categories of Best European Website and Best Non-English FIFA Website And the result of the rest of the categories ir resumed here; FIFA Korea won in Best Asian Website, FIFAChile did it on Best FIFA American Website . FIFA Mra Sweetpatch won Best News category.

We want to thank to all the users that registered on the site and voted in the polls, and also to all the FIFA Webmasters of the community with their help this awards have benn a reality, we would give an award to every FIFA Website, but it´s impossible... Here you have the Full List of the FIFAChampions Awards 2004:

  • Design: Eurofifamania
  • Contents: FIFA 04 [SG]
  • News: FIFA MRA
  • Organization: FIFA 04 [SG]
  • Tournaments: Eurofifamania
  • Patchs: SoccerAccess
    Forums: FIFA 04 [SG]
  • Links - Downloads: SoccerAccess
  • Interactivity: SoccerAccess
  • Portal: FIFA 04 [SG]
  • European: GFO 2004
  • American: FIFAChile
  • Australian: FIFA AU
  • Asian: FIFA KOREA
  • African: FIFA EGYPT
  • Spanish - Latin: FIFAChile
    Non English: FIFA 4 Fans
  • Website: FIFA 04 [SG]

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