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SUBJECT   Hall of Fame for Downloads Section...has been opened!
NAME   webmaster
FIFA KOREA's Hall of Fame section has been finally opened!

The Hall of Fame section includes the best FIFA series patch files among several thousands files registered in FIFA KOREA's main downloads section. These files are not only decided by lots of download hits. Criterions are as following.

- More than data download number of times ten thousands .
- Compatibility of data .(possible data in only specific OS or environment is excluded.)
- That have creativity and initiative (possibility that manufacturer manufactures directly)
- More than user estimation vote 10th and More than estimation point average 6.0
- Users' review and FIFA KOREA patch team's estimation review reference
- In the case of program utility, put priority function practical use degree than the special quality download number.

Though pass all standards above, can be registered in the hall of fame. The files that is registered here will be forever together with FIFA KOREA. So head over to Our Hall of Fame Section Now!


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